Preventative Maintenance Service

Preventative Maintenance Service is an important aspect of making sure your printers are operating at their maximum potential and providing optimal quality. It will extend the life of the printer and give the user the satisfaction that the printer will work on demand when it is called upon. RQ8 offers a free of charge PMS to all our contractual customers.


Annual Maintenance Contract

RQ8 offers annual maintenance contracts that are customized to meet the business requirements of our clients. Equipment from other vendors or suppliers can also be placed on a maintenance contract once the equipment has been inspected and approved by our technical department. Our AMCs include on-site visits, diagnosis and service cost.


Full Service Maintenance Agreements

RQ8 Full Service Maintenance Agreements cover telephone support, diagnosis, parts and service cost. You can customize your Full Service Maintenance Agreement to meet your specific needs. A Full Service Maintenance Agreements grants you access to our certified technical support team.