Frequently Asked Questions



TONEX is a brand of high quality re-engineered toner cartridges for laser printers. It is manufactured in North America based on solid technological research and development. TONEX offers an extensive selection of black and colour high resolution toner cartridges for major brands in the market. Our commitment to quality is where we stand ahead of the industry.

A re-engineered toner cartridge is a used cartridge that has been disassembled, and the parts have been examined. The parts in good condition are reused; worn or defective parts are replaced with new parts and the cartridge is cleaned, refilled and reassembled. This differs from re-filled and compatible toner cartridges, which have not gone through this process. Re-engineered toner cartridges are generally cheaper than their original OEM counterparts.

Also known as drill and fill, refilling is a process in which used cartridges are refilled with generic toner through a hole drilled into the cartridge. These products are generally of low yield and quality and through leakage can damage the printer.

Also known as replica, a compatible cartridge is manufactured by a third party. Most often these cartridges are known to be of substandard quality and do not meet the OEM specifications. They can also damage the printer hardware which is costly in the long run. In most cases these cartridges deliver poor print quality and are of low yield.
Yes, TONEX cartridges are manufactured to deliver equal or a higher number of prints as compared to OEM cartridges. Therefore, a TONEX cartridge will exceed the industry standard of page yield at 5% coverage.

OEM is an abbreviation for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’.

TONEX cartridges are warranted to last and be free of defects for at least 2 year after the date of purchase.

Actually not, the legal framework does not prohibit the consumers from using re-engineered cartridges even though some OEM brands claim that the printer warranty will be void, hence we at TONEX go the extra mile and provide our customers with TONEX warranty while you use our cartridges.

The acceptance for re-engineered cartridges is rapidly growing and a number of consumers and businesses who wish to lower their printing costs and contribute to the environment are switching to this technology. An increasing number of government bodies and businesses in developed markets have recently included re-engineered cartridges in their tendering and some even accept only bids based on re-engineered cartridges to fulfill their commitment to the environment and its sustainability.

Yes, our Premium toner cartridges are equal to the OEM in print yield and density.

G&G cartridges shells are identical to OEM shells so when installing them you can be ensured of the exact same fit.

No, and we guarantee it. Your printer, fax or copier should produce quality print jobs with G&G toner cartridges. Our comprehensive warranty covers all aspects of any possible down-time of your machine.

Yes. All of our toner cartridges are filled to maximum capacity and are carefully weighed before distribution.

G&G laser cartridges are developed in state-of-the-art R&D labs and benchmarked against all OEM print characteristics at environmental extremes while using the same ISO methodologies as the OEM.

The G&G laser cartridges manufacturing process is ISO 14001 certified, requiring documentation to certify how we mitigate our carbon footprint through manufacturing activities.