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TONEX™ is a brand of high-quality re-engineered toner cartridges for laser printers. It is manufactured in North America based on solid technological research and development. TONEX™ offers an extensive selection of black and color high-resolution toner cartridges for major brands in the market.

Our commitment to quality is where we stand ahead of the industry. TONEX™ is re-engineered to strict specifications using premium parts and virgin cores in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities by highly skilled staff. Our cartridges produce beautifully rendered graphics and crisp, clear text every time you print. This quality is backed up with our quality control program that is second to none. Our cartridges deliver the high quality output that our customers require to succeed and grow their businesses in today’s competitive market, while allowing significant savings of at least 20 – 30%. Above all, they are an excellent way to help protect the environment for future generations. We offer toner cartridges for leading vendors that are built to meet or exceed the performance and quality of the listed brands.

Our comprehensive product portfolio covers all your printing needs, ranging from mono to color, fax & copiers as well as magnetic toners.Renowned customers in North America & Europe use the TONEX™ quality of high resolution toner cartridges and place their trust in its efficiency and reliability. This quality is now being introduced to the Middle East and Africa.

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Quality:  All products are manufactured in Ninestar, one of the largest aftermarket manufacturers, offering consistent quality, with large number and fast update of new products.

Patent safe: with a professional R&D team with 500 technicians and 15 years’ experience; with more than 1000 patents (the number is still increasing); Ninestar will take the responsibility if there is patented problem, and will ask for 100% cooperation from the distributors.

Convenience: we have 3 warehouses in America, and one in Holland, Japan and Italy. In the future, we will share our brother companies’ warehouses, and this will greatly enhance the delivery in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

Region protection: no other agent in the channel of contracted region.

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We make thousands of products, services and solutions that are available to your customers to help you focus on the most critical needs facing your business as you strive to reach your goals.

Marketing events support:  Professional marketing team supporting our partners on local events.

Sale tools and advertisement design support:  Effective sale tools and professional advertisement design from our team.

Professional Training:We help our partners to train their employees and retailers.

Media Report And Advertisement:We invest in significant media programs throughout the world in support of all the

Exhibitions:  We take part in different exhibitions every year; also we will support our clients on local exhibitions of office products.

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We have established a special patent office. The Toner cartridge patent team is a subordinate of the office in charge of toner cartridge related patent search, analysis and application. In 2008, Ninestar established a legal team to manage all the patents and related lawsuits. In 2009, the printer division was established as well as the printer patent team. After 2010, the toner cartridge patent team was merged into the supplies division. Recently, there are 8 peoples in the toner cartridge patent team,8 in the printer patent team and 6 in the lawsuit team. These talented people all hold an engineering background, and have years of experience in R&D. In addition, these people are all familiar with patent search, analysis and judging, which provides a strong backup to the enterprise’s patent operation.

A professional internal patent institute strongly ensures the implementations of the tasks related to patents.

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